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Deliver the highest grade of safety through decontamination of wearable and shared devices such as laptops, tablets, headsets and face masks in an integrated solution

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Since 2015

As early as 2015, early adopters of wearable and other shared devices were asking “How do we clean these devices?”. UV Cleantech was created to answer that question, and was born out of the Glenfield Digital Group’s highly successful digital transformation practice, including pioneering the use of wearable mixed reality headsets.

Fast forward to today, with the proliferation of COVID-19 and other contagions, that question is now even more relevant. Managing and mitigating this risk has become of critical importance to businesses worldwide.

Our focus has been on ensuring that as shared devices and equipment such as laptops, tablets, headsets and other technologies become more prominent in our daily work lives, safety practices keep pace and our clients are empowered to provide outstanding safety leadership as well as practical measures to keep their workforce and clients safe.

We have conducted extensive research on best practice for cleaning laptops, tablets, headsets and other technology and devices, including wearables for Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality,  and identified “best in class” products that address these needs.
AR Medical

We determined that UVC was the most effective approach to decontamination, with time proven results, but also that not all UVC cleaning was created equal.  For UVC cleaning to be effective a device purpose-built for wearables and other shared devices such as phones, laptops and keyboards, backed by extensive testing for removal of contagions, is required.

UVC LED devices, UVC wands, alcohol wipes and other solutions simply do not lead to sufficiently safe outcomes.

Our analysis also identified that for a cleaning solution to be used effectively, it must be integrated with other core business practices for shared devices to ensure they are not bypassed, in particular storage and charging. 

UV Cleantech identified the Uvisan range of products from the Immotion Group in the UK as meeting the highest standards and being far superior to other alternatives across all three of these key areas – cleaning, charging and lockable storage, and as a result UV Cleantech has become the official exclusive distributor of Uvisan in Australia and New Zealand, as well as supplying the broader APAC region.

We also identified an unfilled need for a portable solution that provided significantly better outcomes than products currently on the market. In keeping with our values (below), we set out to design a portable product that is second to none in cleaning efficacy and would break new ground for versatility. Months of research and development resulted in the UviPortable. Proudly Australian owned and manufactured, the UviPortable delivers disinfection without compromise.

As well as supply of our premium range of UVC products, we have a comprehensive consultation service supporting customers with expert advice in the decontamination of shared devices, assessment of clients’ overall operating environment, and establishing client-specific safety practices in relation to wearable devices.

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Colin Allen

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