UviPortable UVC Cabinet

Disinfect your shared equipment in 90 seconds

Safely disinfect laptops, tablets, AR, MR, VR, AV headsets, face masks and other devices


Kills 99.99%+ of bacteria & viruses with true 360 degree coverage



Charge your devices while they are disinfected


Light weight and portable for use wherever needed

The new UV Cleantech UviPortable combines the latest innovations in UVC disinfection with charging and portability for a complete solution

When it comes to safety, and peace of mind in knowing your shared devices are truly clean, there should be no compromise in ensuring EVERY contact surface area has been disinfected. The UviPortable is unique in bringing true 360 degree cleaning, with tested results.

Download the UviPortable brochure and user guide

UviPortable Applications

Quartz Advanced technology gives the UviPortable unmatched flexibility to effectively disinfect a wide variety of devices, safely and completely with full 360 degree cleaning of all surfaces. Touch is the predominant way contagions are transmitted person to person, and the UviPortable reaches all potential touch points to give you  peace of mind that you are sharing a device free of contagions.

Virtual Reality headsets, including  hand controllers and accessories

Field devices such as RealWear headsets and hard hats

Augmented Reality headsets and other sensitive equipment.

Keyboards –  one of the most common sources for pathogen transfer

Laptops – top, bottom, screen and keyboard in a single cleaning cycle.

Phones – several phones at the same time. Phones are a hotbed for contagions

Face masks – disinfect three at the same time – N95 or cloth masks

Audio visual and communication headsets

Tablets, including stylus, cover and accessories

The UviPortable PS-9 Portable Power Supply​

A key benefit of the UviPortable is its portability, and having a power source available to use when there is no mains power nearby is essential to take full advantage of that portability. The PS-9 has been designed by UV Cleantech specifically for the UviPortable enabling you to keep your devices clean wherever you are!

UVIPORTABLE leading in UVC disinfection

Client success stories

“UviPortable gives peace of mind that I am employing best practice. We can inform participants that we have done everything possible to minimise risk, which helps ensure success for our endeavours.” Dr David Painter

Dr David Painter is a Research Fellow at Griffith University on the Gold Coast in QLD. His team’s project uses virtual reality (VR) in inpatient rehabilitation settings to assess cognitive performance in people with brain injury. VR provides opportunities for people to practice cognitive skills in naturalistic ways that promote recovery.

Working in a frontline setting impacted by the pandemic, David and his team were looking for methods to ensure that the VR headsets and controllers were sufficiently cleaned. They use hospital disinfectant but require additional security. “Dealing with vulnerable people requires certainty that transmission risks are minimised. The deleterious consequences of pathogens require safe methods that we can rely on. UV technology helps to minimise risk for both participants and our project.”

UV disinfection came up consistently in online searches as an effective method. For David, an added benefit was supporting local industry. “Australia currently outsources biotechnology development to other countries. We should help to support and help build local industries, which provides the added benefits of a quick turnaround on delivery and low shipping costs.”

David says unboxing and using the UviPortable is simple. “It is plug and play. The unit is well-packaged and simple to use and comes with an instruction manual. The carry handle made the unit convenient to remove from the box and set in place. It comes with a standard power cable. All I needed to do was plug it in and press the button. We had a testing session scheduled at 9am, and the unit was quickly unboxed and ready to run. The unit seems robust, well-constructed, and unlikely to break or mark easily.”

“I am part of the local VR community, and I share my experience with others who require that transmission risk is minimised. It only takes 90 seconds for the disinfection cycle, which makes it fast to disinfect our devices between participants.”

“I have been using the UviPortable for a few weeks and have peace of mind that I am employing best practice. We can inform participants that we have done everything possible to minimise risk. This helps to ensure success for our endeavours.”

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