UVC Cabinets

Disinfect your shared equipment in 2 minutes or less

Safely disinfect laptops, tablets, AR, MR, VR, communication headsets and other devices

UV Cleantech offers a range of disinfection cabinets covering all needs from a lightweight portable device through to larger cabinets capable of storing, charging and cleaning dozens of devices simultaneously.

The UviPortable Disinfection Cabinet

The new UV Cleantech UviPortable combines the latest innovations in UVC disinfection with charging and portability for a complete solution.

UbviPortable - Oculus

The Uvisan Range of Lockable Disinfection Cabinets

The Uvisan range is designed for disinfection and lockable storage of devices. They include charging ports for 12 through to 30 devices depending on the cabinet size; small, medium or large.

Uvisan Cabinet
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