Uvisan UVC Cabinets

Disinfect your shared equipment in 2 minutes

Safely disinfect laptops, tablets, AR, MR, VR, communication headsets and other devices



Kills 99.99% of bacteria & viruses



Never find your devices without charge again.


Securely stores all of your devices in one lockable cabinet.

The Uvisan range of cabinets have a lab-proven 99.99%+ efficacy in the killing of bacteria and viruses

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Small UVC Cabinet

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Medium UVC Cabinet

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CE, RoHS, IEC 62471, Electromagnetic Compatibility/Low Voltage Directive, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Sterilization Efficacy Evaluation certificate

CE Certification

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Client success stories

Realwear Reviews & Recommends Uvisan UV-C cabinets to sanitise its headsets

Wearable, Assisted-Reality specialists Realwear recently were kind enough to review a Uvisan UV Cabinet and provided a detailed and comprehensive report on the overall usability and findings when testing their Headsets.

Realwear carried out tests simulating 6 cleaning cycles per day, 52 weeks per year, for 4 years. There was no visible degradation to HMT – 1 devices after testing and all devices remained in working order and passed drop tests after testing. Realwear recommends Uvisan UV Cabinets for hygiene purposes for all Realwear devices.

See full details here: https://www.uvisan.com/blog/realwear-reviews-uvisan


UV-C in Waste Management - A Uvisan Case Study

Uvisan has recently concluded a case study alongside a leading waste management company on the efficacy of UVC disinfection in waste management. This study delves deep into the numbers when it comes to killing bacteria on shared devices and the impact of UVC in waste management specifically.

The tests were carried out on shared devices, namely
gas monitors and radios, to measure the effectiveness of UVC technology over traditional forms of disinfection. There were two protocols for the test. In the first, the results of micro reduction on the devices were measured by taking swabs from an untreated device. Then swabs were taken after disinfection with wipes and again after UVC disinfection.

In the second protocol, the swabs were taken from an untreated device and then after UVISAN’s UVC treatment only.

See full details here: https://www.uvisan.com/blog/uvc-in-waste-management-a-uvisan-case-study

Uvisan is recommended by HP as a supplier of UVC disinfection equipment for HP’s VR and mixed reality headset range

HP carried out rigorous testing on Uvisan UVC cabinets, as part of their investigation into the impact of UVC cleaning on their products as an alternative to standard chemicals and disinfectant wipes. Tests were carried out on both new and existing HP appliances to determine whether there were any impacts of UV-C exposure on the items, equivalent to two years of standard use, looking into appearance, functionality and any mechanical or structural deterioration over a three-month testing period.


Hewlett Packard

Uvisan has sterilised delicate puppets, props and rigging kit on Aardman’s latest Shaun the Sheep production

To ensure its staff’s safety, the Aardman team implemented lengthy sanitisation procedures involving wipes and cleaning chemicals. The new procedures became unsustainable and excessively time-consuming alongside the studio’s filming schedule. The use of Uvisan’s UVC cabinets has enabled the studio to streamline this process, without risking damage to the models and equipment, while also reducing waste. Uvisan’s sanitation cabinets reduced the likeliness of having to close down production while continuing to ensure the safety of studio workers during the ongoing pandemic.

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